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A pathway to mastery for Team Coaches

Welcome to Team Coaching Studio 

Think of this space as you virtual team coaching hub. 

From this space, you will access private online 'rooms'  for the TCS programmes, cohorts and resources you join. You can also learn, connect and grow by joining our engaged, vibrant, inspiring community that's housed right here.

About your Team Coaching Community

If you join our community you will get:
  • A safe environment to enhance your skills and practice through hands on learning
  • Access to pioneers and thought leaders in the Team Coaching field
  • Support with accreditation, gaining ICF CCEUs by attending practice sessions, clinics and webinars
  • A place to connect with like minded peers within a support communicated dedicated to growth.

Ways to access the Team Coaching Community

  • The ‘just let me in’ way.
    Enrol now via this link

  • The ‘I want to understand more about Team Coaching’ way.
    Discover Team Coaching Fundamentals to receive 3 months free access to the community

    The ‘I need to boost my Team Coaching confidence’ way.
    Join the TCS Certificate to receive free access to the community from the date you pay until 1 month after your programme ends

    The ‘I’m going all in, this is my passion’ way.
    Join the TCS Diploma to receive free access to the community from the date you pay until 2 months after the programme ends

Already a community member? Head to your feed and join the conversation 

Looking for your course or programme space? You can find it here:

About TCS

Team Coaching Studio was founded to provide a pathway to mastery for Team Coaches

“We live and breathe Team Coaching; we’re still studying. We don’t have all the answers, we keep learning! This is still the early days of an emerging discipline, and that’s what makes it so exciting”

– Georgina Woudstra, TCS Principal

Leading the way in Team Coaching, TCS specifically focuses on the methods, the frameworks, and the practicalities of team coaching.  Our Team Coaches underpin their practice with their own philosophy and stance, in order to bring their whole, unique Self to their practice.

A bit about Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a snazzy bit of software that let's us host a community, house resources, run events, set up secret hang outs for course cohorts and much much more. 

Start with the 'START HERE' section for tips on navigating the platform and to reach out to your hosts in we can help in any way.